Benefit from the Linsanity

Jeremy Lin has been all over the news, news papers, Twitter, Facebook, sports blogs–and now business blogs. says employers can learn from Lin’s Cinderella Story.

Sometimes there’s a superstar on your own team. While it’s easy to focus on the top ten producers, the article suggests looking into smaller parts of the company where the people doing well might be overlooked. Just because an employee hasn’t been impressive yet, doesn’t mean they can’t ever be. Spice up their work load with new projects!

Especially in a place like New York City, where no one is ever good at just one thing, there’s a plethora of talent just floating around. Sometimes people are just misplaced and should be put somewhere they can make a difference. encourages employers to listen to their employees, let them move around in the space and they might bring something new to the table.

In many ways, small businesses have the advantage, they can spread several types of jobs over a small group of employees, meaning no one ever has a dull moment and everyone has a chance to shine.


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