We Can’t All Be Google

One of our biggest concerns at Micro Office is quality of space. We offer clean, quiet, spacious work environments, straying away from drab colors or a conventional corporate office. If you live in New¬† York, it’s safe to say you’ll probably visit or work in an office at some point. Like with any room, you’ll size it up (and down), consider the softness of the seats, the width of the desks, the reflective qualities of the floor–if you’re there for an interview you’ll wonder what it will be like to work there. Are you getting enough light, will you have enough space?


Some of the coolest offices belong to big name companies like Google, which has a slide and a pool table, or Pixar whose dim lighting, bubble lanterns and house-shaped cubicles and private offices, immediately remind one of Monster’s Inc or Toy story.

However, we can’t all be Google. The majority of the people reading this blog are looking for low cost office rental in midtown Manhattan. That’s where Micro Office enters. There are no slides in our offices but we are constantly improving and renovating space, we also listen to our tenants; which has resulted in small things such as a key rack for bathroom keys or, perhaps in the future, a self-expression white board. Micro office is about helping people reach their full potential.


Who knows? Perhaps a yearcommercial lease with us as the nest for your business and your next space could leave you with an office like Red Bull London.


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