Sitting All Day Can Kill You

It’s no secret that spending large amounts of time at a desk and computer screen is bad for your health. It can lead to back pain, headaches and in the long run, even heart attacks. More and more Americans are even skipping lunch breaks and eating at their desk as they feel it makes them seem more productive to their superiors. However sitting produces more fat cells which leads to weight gain.

So don’t be surprised if your boss changes the office space a little. Some businesses are installing treadmills to get their employees to walk more. Other companies have replaced rolling office chairs with bouncy ball chairs which promote spine alignment, force the sitter to change positions often and burns calories!

But that isn’t every office. There are things the average person can do; such as meeting clients off site, walking to and from work when feasible (perhaps getting off a train stop early or later), and of course eating healthier. Though it is exciting to see if New York office space will change Corporate America into one large Corporate gym.



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