Sublease Office Space
In New York City

Are You Looking For A NYC Sales Office?

We've got everything you need to get going!

Starting at $495 per month you can generate sales leads from the comfort of our professional office space in the Flatiron district.

>>>>Unlimited Calls -- no phone bill worries!
Large private workspaces furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets
Conference rooms and meeting facilities
High-speed Internet access
Professional mailing address and on-site mail handling, which eliminates missed package deliveries
Unlimited local and domestic long distance phone service plan that eliminates hassles and headaches with phone bills
Weekly cleaning services
Printer, fax, and photocopy machine access
Web hosting, email, file storage with backup
On-site IT support
Micro Office Solutions will turn you on!
People Networking

Being part of our office communities creates opportunities and can improve your business, both equally compelling reasons to work here. They are all interesting and nice people, and some of them may be able to help you, or vice versa.

Fun and Friendly Environment

Our tenants enjoy coming to work because they meet interesting people from different industries. Our planned and spontaneous social events, such as our Friday coffee breaks, create an inviting and exciting vibe.

Micro Office Solutions is a great place to work and also gives you a chance to escape for a while and hang out with others.

Micro Office Solutions provides affordable managed office space to:
Small businesses looking to house a small number of people
Individuals/professionals seeking a productive office environment
Firms needing temporary office space without long-term commitments