Office Rental

If you are a small business or professional in need of an Office to Rent in Manhattan, Micro Office Solutions has the perfect business suite for you.

At Micro Office, it is our goal to provide you with prime Office Space for your business, while keeping our prices competitive and affordable. Our offices are centrally located, being in Midtown Manhattan’s business districts and are complete with all of the amenities that most big offices have, such as reception areas, conference rooms and kitchens What we offer is ideal if you are desire a low cost office, but aren’t willing to sacrifice the quality of your office.

We also offer companies great flexibility, as we offer monthly leasing terms along with our annual terms. This makes our offices great for companies that only need a temporary workspace, or cannot afford to commit to a long term contract.

With our virtual office plans, we offer the ability to utilize conference rooms, mailing addresses or desk space on a part time or occasional basis. These plans start at only $99 a month, and are great for people that work out of home offices that still need professional office resources.

So whether you are a small business that needs workspace for a small number of employees, or a Sole Proprietor that seeks the benefits of a professional work environment, Micro Office has an office for you. If you are interested in leasing office space, you may contact us by phone at 1-646-201-5508 or by email at